Wind Dragons were one of the strogest in their time. If they were in battle, the wind resulting from their attacks would create tornados and had bad weather all around the world. they had no other important roles.

Water Dragons were also known for their might, not for their internal power but their external power in being the only force able to control the Fire Dragons. Water Dragons knew that they were in the Fire Dragon's nemeses and that war was avoided as result of their balance of power. Water Dragons were peaceful, kind and they avoided death seeking behaviors. The Water Dragons kept the Fire Dragon in line.

Earth Dragons were the  close combact fighters . They use their earth power to slow down their prey or immobilize their prey only to cut and quarter them and until they were dead. they were smart and had perfect coordination amongst  themselves. No other Dragons were as strong as them in melees.

​Earth Dragon

Water Dragon

Fire Dragon

The Four Elements Dragos

This extraordinary set of Dragons symbolizing four elements in nature. The four pieces are: Water Dragon, Wind Dragon, Fire Dragon and Earth Dragon

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Wind Dragon

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Fire Dragons wre known for being aggressive an strong, ones; the lords in their environment at that time. Although they were aggressive, they managed to control themselves and maintain peace abd serenity in the world. They were both feared for their great power and respected for their wisdom. They knew that Water Dragons could possibly put an end to them so they never initiated wars, This resulted in a calm and balanced world.