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​I discovered my passion for creating demon masks, dragon representations and mystical figures. In 1990  I witnessed my first time to Halloween extravaganza in the US, I was invited to an event in West Hollywood on a clear and chilly night. I couldn't believe how many extraordinary costumes were on display. created by so many talented people! It was very exciting to watch the whole scene drenched in colors, shapes and textures on the participants walking along the boulevard. While I watched it all from a quiet area off to the side , my mind was teeming with ideas that formed the basis of my future work. I stared to assemble the elements of my artistic vision. I wanted to make extraordinary costume. I was watching TV one night and saw the movie Legend with it's mystical creatures with the demon Evil Darkness, My mind started to focus on the image of the Evil Darkness. I began drawing pictures with the intention of creating a papermache image which; then I started incorporating color and textures and this just evolved into my first work using papermache. I had no idea how it would turn out; the year went by quickly and Halloween was around the corner, but I was ready this year!

W​elcome To The BeastMaskterMaker

​PaperMache Masks, Dr​agons and Fantasy Creatures